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Our business was founded based on our own needs for the right saddle pad. Our cutting horses had suffered for years due to poorly made or  ill fitting saddle pads.  After years of trying most every saddle pad on the market, we felt we had no choice  but to begin research and development to manufacture a saddle pad that would  produce results that include erradicating sore backs and withers, white hairs,  dry spots, and  cranky attitudes.  The development of our saddle pads also cured tail swishing, penned ears, cinching problems, and unnecessary lay off time.   We guarantee that you, too,  will be able to receive maximum training and performance benefits.  No more pain = maximum performance.

No saddle fits perfect. Our pads are designed to eliminate saddle pressure, keep blood circulating, and vent heat.  Take good care of your horses and they'll take good care of you.

 Most pads promote or trap heat; not eliminate it, as ours do.  Other pads  compress which makes them worthless over time and with normal wear. Our saddle pads are designed specifically not to compress with time or use because of the flexibility and density of the materials used. We have had all of our inner materials milled uniquely to our specifications. We use no synthetic materials,  only 100% Virgin Merino Wool. You will not find any other pad like ours on the market. Professional trainers believe in and endorse our saddle pads with good reason.  Try them yourself and see the difference.

       We have expanded  our collection to include the style of a show blanket.  
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Gina  De Lara
saddle pads
saddle pads
saddle pads
saddle pads
saddle pads
saddle pads
saddle pads
Keeps Back Cooler
Allows Rider More Contact And
Feel With Their Horse
100%  Wool Blanket
100% Medical Grade Wool Inner
100% Virgin Merino Wool Fleece
Wicking Power
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Travalena Times Saddle Pad by Diamond D Designs
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Orthopedic Saddle Pads
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Orthopedic Saddle Pads
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